Real Estate Assets

AVARI manages over $700m of direct real estate assets across Office, Industrial & Residential

Our Approach

With an exceptional track record, AVARI have successfully invested across various asset classes, including residential, development, office, and industrial properties. Our approach involves managing both diversified funds and single-asset syndicates, allowing us to tailor our services to the unique needs of each investment.

About Real Estate Investments

Having meticulously analysed and assessed thousands of deals, our team identifies a range of untapped opportunities that meet our stringent investment criteria. This approach ensures that your investments are strategically positioned to unlock their full potential and deliver optimal returns.

Our team is equipped with a profound understanding of the real estate market. We see beyond the present, developing strategic plans to amplify their value for the future.

With our data-driven approach, we leave no stone unturned. By evaluating market trends, risks, and opportunities, our thorough analysis ensures well-informed decision-making and successful asset optimisation.

We recognise that timing is key in real estate investment. Our team is adept at formulating exit strategies that deliver attractive returns within shorter timeframes, providing you with the flexibility to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

AVARI’s prides itself on open communication. Senior management is always available to speak with investors no matter how big or small. 

Office Real Estate Assets

AVARI Capital Partners has both aquired and exited multiple office investments. The strategy has always adopted the Private Equity approach. Look for undervalued assets, add value and exit quickly. AVARI will employ active asset management along the way. 

Investment themes

High-quality assets with solid income & growth potential.


Properties that offer an opportunity to increase cash flow via renovations, rebranding or operational efficiencies. 

Assets that offer unique potential for substantial investment upside

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial properties serve as the foundation of commerce, logistics, and manufacturing. Our investment expertise in this sector enables us to identify and capitalize on opportunities that contribute to economic growth and sustained returns.

With the demand for industrial warehousing, this sector rentals are continuing to increase. 

With a superior network of Agents and Brokers, we’re able to see every deal in the market. 

We’re not limited by investment size or location we simply look for opportunities that offer the best risk/reward profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These investments are private opportunistic transactions. They are typically offered via way of single asset syndicates or diversified funds. If you would like to know more about future opportunities please reach out to our team. 

The holding period varies depending on the strategy. Typical timeframes will be 5 years. 

Single Asset syndicates are typically illiquid investments. Diversified funds may have liquidity windows. Reach out to our team if you would like to know more. 

AVARI has been actively buying Assets since 2015. The total value of the current portfolio exceeds $700m.

No, investments are specific to each fund which will be issued via an Information Memorandum. There is no fund that invests across all of our Assets. 

Current Asset Portfolio

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