Distribution Team

With a commitment to excellence, we stand by your side as trusted partners, propelling your growth and success towards new heights.

Distribution Team

Simon Riordan

Managing Director Distribution

Simon has 20+ years’ experience across equities, derivatives, fixed income and property. He was a former senior investment and advisory professional from Macquarie Bank, AMP, CBA and Westpac

Sam Burrell


Associate Director

About the Team

At Avari Capital Partners, we are dedicated to creating enduring partnerships, propelling growth, and transforming possibilities in the Real Estate market. With a diverse skill set that includes architects, project managers, and development managers, we are equipped to handle every aspect of Real Estate with unwavering precision and expertise. Backed by a wealth of insight, experience, and intelligence, our end-to-end services ensure a seamless journey for our clients, from concept to completion.

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